if (goodEmail) { SIGHTS. The Quartier Chinois is distinctly different from any Chinatown in the UK or in the US. Cool-looking restaurant . In some of the side streets, you can also find interesting Chinese restaurants with traditional architectural designs. or. . 31 people follow this. Carte de l'implantation des Chinois en région parisienne en... Liste des quartiers chinois dans le monde. Il s'apparentait au quartier de "La Goulette" de Tunis. September 21, 2019. //Submitted to JavaScript Kit (http://javascriptkit.com) Middle East products - dried fruit, pickles, spices, sweets. The area is created by three different streets starting up near Rue de Tolbiac to form a triangle: Avenue de Choisy, Avenue d'Ivry form two sides and Boulevard Masséna is along the bottom end. Community See All. Paris’s second Chinatown or “Quartier Chinois” emerged during the 1980s in Belleville, the 20th arrondissement. This Quartier Chinois might as well be called the Asian Quarter.